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Codependency is a behavioral and emotional condition where there is a strong need to please others and often sacrifice their own needs and desires to maintain the relationship. Codependent people may also have difficulty setting boundaries and saying no, as well as a tendency to enable or rescue their partner, friends, or family from the consequences of their behavior. Codependency can lead to a range of adverse outcomes, including anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and a decreased ability to function independently. Codependent traits are patterns of behavior and thought that can harm oneself and others.


  • A strong need to please others

  • Difficulty setting and enforcing boundaries

  • Low self-esteem

  • A tendency to prioritize the needs of others over one's own

  • Judging everything you think or say harshly as never good enough

  • Valuing others’ approval of your thinking, feeling, and behavior over your own

  • Putting aside your interests and hobbies to do what others want

  • Compromising your values and integrity to avoid rejection

Codependency can lead to enabling behavior, emotional exhaustion, and an unhealthy dependence on others for validation and approval. Recognizing and addressing codependent traits is an important step in developing healthy relationships and improving one's overall well-being.

As it is said, opposites attract, and for many Codependents, yet not all, that means being magnetized to Narcissistic relationships. Many Codependents seek therapy to resolve the vicious cycles they often feel trapped in with Narcissistic relationships with friends, partners, family members, and even employers.  

Through working with Juniper, you will learn to recognize how your codependency manifests in your life and the negative impact it has on your well-being. You will learn to set healthier boundaries, prioritize your needs, cultivate a healthier perspective of yourself, and find validation from within. This does not mean you have to stop being kind, giving, or caring for others; it means that you will navigate through your relationships from a place of honoring yourself and your needs first.

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